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5 - Scenario Execution & Results

Execution Section

Tip: Before pressing Execute the scenario setup has to be reviewed in Setup>Review Setup. Click the Finish Specification & Prepare for Execution button at the bottom of this page.  Until you do this, your

Scenario will not be executable.

To execute your analysis, go to the Analysis page, and click on the Execution tab

Here you can set the following parameters of your optimization:

  • Scenarios: Select the scenarios to be executed. You can execute a single scenario, a few scenarios or all of the scenarios in your Analysis simultaneously. 

  • Objective 1 & Objective 2: In the current version of the Sympheny Web App, it is only possible to optimize with respect to 2 criteria:

– Minimize Life-Cycle Costs: Life-cycle costs refers to the combination of investment, energy and O&M costs of the supply system.  In the current version of the Sympheny Web app, costs are always expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF)

– Minimize CO2 Emissions: CO2 emissions refers to the CO2 emissions of the supply system, including any direct emissions incurred on-site, as well emissions incurred elsewhere as a result of energy consumption on the site.  This includes e.g. the CO2 emissions generated via the production of electrical energy imported to the site, the CO2 emissions generated via the production of the supply technologies installed on the site (embodied CO2 emissions).

  • Number of points in Pareto Front: The results of your Execution will be returned in the form of a Pareto Front (see below), with each point in the Pareto Front representing a different optimal supply solution.  Each point represents a different level of trade-off between the 2 optimization objectives of life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions.  Here, you can specify the number of solutions/points included in your Pareto Front.  A Pareto Front with more points will have a higher resolution, but will take longer to solve.  Typically, we recommend to execute with 4 points in your Pareto Front.

  • Execute: Press here to run the optimization. You will receive an email once the optimization is completed. Select Analysis Details in the mail to go to the Results section.

  • Stop Execution: Press here to prematurely stop the execution of the optimization.

Tip: Once you press Execute, your Analysis will first be validated by Sympheny's Validation Engine to ensure that it constitutes a feasible optimization problem.  In case the Validation Engine identifies a problem with your Analysis, it will not be executed.  In this case, you will receive a message in the Status Message column of the Results tab (see below).  To see detailed information about the error, you have to press on View Results, where the Status Message will be detailed.

Results Section

On the Results tab you can see the status of your execution as well as the results of you successfully executed scenarios.

There you can download the input.xlsx file and the output.xlsx files. The input.xlsx files gathers all the boundary conditions of the specific scenario and allows to quickly have an overview of your inputs. This file can be downloaded before the optimization is finished. The output.xlsx gathers all the results of your optimization.

To access the Result Dashboards, press View Results.

Input file should be saved directly: once a new scenario is ran, the input file will be overwritten.

Before going in details through the output file results, we recommend to have a look at the Results Dashboards for you to get a first good overview of your system’s behaviour.

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