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Add Hubs

What is a Hub?

In the Sympheny Web app, a Hub is a node on your site within which different energy conversion and storage technologies may be installed.  A hub can represent a single building or a group of buildings.  In the subsequent steps, you will define energy demands and supply technology candidates for each of the hubs you have specified. A hub may also be a potential node in an on-site (e.g. thermal or electrical) network.  In a subsequent step, you will define network link candidates to connect between the different hubs you specify in this step.

In this step, you specify a list of the Hubs constituting your site.  Each Hub must be provided with a unique name, which is used to identify the Hub in the subsequent steps and in the results.

Add New: Click here to create a new Hub, name it and select Add.

Add New (With the GIS Add-on):

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