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Using the API


The Sympheny API is a REST API that developers can use to connect with Sympheny Web Application to create integration, retrieve data, and automate your workflows.

This quick start documentation helps developers with example of workflows, incluidng detailed sections for each aspect of using our different APIs, including code samples for commonly used languages.

The complete list of APIs available for your subscription plan is available on:

  • Web App APIs, for the core functionalities provided by Sympheny Web application.

  • Web App APIs V3, V3 for specific to V3 APIs listing.

  • Energy Services APIs, for the additional advanced energy planning services provided by Sympheny Web application.

The curl command are provided and can be converted to any others languages using a curl converter, for example in:

The Starting with Sympheny documentation provides an overview of the Sympheny WebApp to the user. It is recommended as a starting point to better understand the functionalities provided by Sympheny with the What can it be used for section and the Where should I start section. More resources are available here with Tutorials, Case studies and FAQ section.

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