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General settings

→ Interest Rate [%]: The discount rate used to annualize the investment costs of the technology candidates. The same rate is applied to all technologies.

→ Currency: The currency visible in cost parameters and results. The default currency is CHF (Swiss Francs). When selecting a currency other than CHF, an Exchange Rate from CHF is applied to all economic data in the technology databases. All economic data in the databases are in CHF, including the user-defined data.

Cost data converted to the new currency:

Cost data not converted to the new currency:(only currency symbol changes)

Every cost data saved within the technology database (Sympheny and User-defined databases)

Every data already entered within a scenario (import costs, demand sale price, etc.). This includes the cost data of a technology candidate already entered within the scenario.

Economic data already included in the Scenario is NOT converted. (Only the economic data inside databases)

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