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2022 - March

→ GIS definition of your urban site

→ SEP GIS data (Add-on)

How to show the data of selected buildings?

How many buildings can I query?

Each add-on subscription gives access to a specific number of buildings query. The current Add-on subscription packages are the following:

-SEP Add-on Small:  Access of information for 1 to 1’000  Buildings 

-SEP Add-on Medium:  Access of information for 1’000 to 50’000  Buildings 

-SEP Add-on Large: Access of information for 1’000  to 50’000 Buildings

The amount of remaining building queries according to the selected subscription can be read from the My Profile window. 

What type of data is available?

With the SEP Add-on for Sympheny, users can directly get the data they need from the embedded GIS map on the web application. SEP provides users with data from their catalogue directly in Sympheny. The following data can be found:  

-Building area and building category 

-Yearly heating and hot water demand of building 

-Roof geometries of building 

-Facade geometries of building 

-If available: Minergie data, incl. standard and minergie energy reference area

→ On-site Resource Candidates

Sympheny’s step 4 Solar resources is now On-site Resources. This means that you can integrate hourly energy profiles for any type of On-site Resource Candidates, let it be Wind, Tidal, Process waste heat, or any other user-defined energy carrier.  

→ Add On-site Resources directly from the GIS map

Now you can select the available resource area of your urban site and automatically assign the On-site Resource potential profile in kW/m2:

→ New plots in results dashboard

  • Plot of total Cost/Income balance with cost breakdown of technologies

  • The same plot across the hubs of the system

  • Plot of Imports vs Exports&Demand of the system

  • Plot of On-site Resources results

→ New Help Center (User-guide, tutorials, etc)

With this new portal it’s now easier to navigate through all the documentation and resources available about Sympheny software:

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