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2023 - January

→ Peak Shaving of Energy Demand Profiles

Upload an energy demand profile as an aggregation of several profiles and perform stochastic peak shaving on the demand profile. Learn more

→ Control Granularity (and Speed) of the Optimization

Choose between three different speeds for the execution of your optimization. The granularity/precision of the optimization results is modified depending on the speed selected. Learn more

→ Hourly Efficiencies for Conversion Technologies

Upload an Excel of different energy efficiencies per hour for your Conversion Technology Candidates

→ Updated EV batteries to run overnight

EV batteries can now be plugged-in and out during night from one day to the next one

→ Updated API to execute and get results outside Sympheny webapp

Execute, monitor and get the results of your energy system optimization externally using your own software/platform instead of using Sympheny webapp.

→ Receive example Projects in your account

The team of Sympheny can send you project examples to your account relevant to your type of projects to help you understand the modelling possibilities for your specific case.

→ New plots of Total Investments in results dashboard

  • Total Investments per Optimal Solution

  • Total Investments per Energy Hub

  • Total Investments per Energy Hub and Technology

→ Interface language in German

 More languages are coming soon.

→ Undo & Redo actions in your scenario

 Return to previous actions while you model your scenario (Only available for some windows. It will be available for all sections soon.

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