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Electrical Chiller

An electrical chiller is a simple variant of a heat pump and is modelled as such: electricity as input and cooling and waste heat as output. For the energy balance to hold, a waste heat export must be modelled.

Note that the waste heat can also be reused as the input of another technology.

Figure 15 System diagram of an electrical chiller.

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Set-up summary

Energy Carriers

Energy Demands



Supply technologies






(primary) Input

Waste heat





Cooling 10-20°C




Primary Output

Set-up Implementation electrical chiller

Figure 16 Set up and implementation of an electrical chiller to generate cooling and waste heat.

When defining a heat pump in Sympheny, the following steps must be done:

  • Defining the energy carriers necessary (as displayed in the table under the ‘set-up summary’ section).

  • Defining the inputs (in this case, electricity) and the outputs (in this case waste heat) of the chiller within the imports & exports tab.

Figure 17 Definition of import candidates for an electrical chiller.

Figure 18 Definition of output energy carriers for an electrical chiller.

Figure 19 Definition of Chiller's input, outputs, and COP

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