A Technology Mode is an operational "regime" of a technology, corresponding to a specific set of inputs and outputs, and corresponding efficiencies. 

For instance an air-source heat pump may have a winter mode and a summer mode, with different COPs or a reversible heat pump might have a cooling mode and a heating mode:

The technology modes are designed and operate with the following rules:

  • The summed hourly output of all Technology Modes cannot be higher than the chosen Capacity by the optimizer.

  • Different modes can operate at the same time (hour). The only way to avoid operating at the same time is to define a different Seasonal Operation (or to use Time Varying Efficiency equal to 0 for some months).

  • Maximum Capacity is according to the first mode (same max capacity is applied to all modes)

  • Max/Min Annual Output is applied to the first output EC of the first mode - and not the total output as sum of the modes.

  • Variable O&M cost of the technology is based on the sum of the primary outputs of all modes.